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Reflecting on 2022 + Intention-Setting & Connecting in the New Year

Hello friends!

Can you believe 2023 is just *two* weeks ago (edit: oops, not ago - away)? In some ways, 2022 has flown by and in others, there were many days that surely did drag on. I wanted to reach out to reflect and plan ahead with you all as I’ve been thinking about this past year.


A lot happened in my life this year. It was difficult to narrow a full calendar down to bite-size pieces, but for you all, I gave it a go.

*January: personal writing retreat at a Bed & Breakfast to put the finishing touches on the draft of my book that beta readers read in February

*February: celebrated our oldest kiddo being chosen as “Terrific Kid” for the month because of demonstrating responsibility in the classroom

*March: Bridgerton season 2 watch party at a friend’s house, who went all out with a variety of teas and baked goods

*April: vulnerably asked for financial contributions to self-publish a memoir by running a Kickstarter campaign and was interviewed by David Cady, the pastor of The Well Hawaii, about my experience with spiritual abuse

*May: participated in the 8-week e-course A Virtual Pilgrimage to the Black Madonnas of God is a Black Woman with Dr. Christena Cleveland

*June: started an 11-week summer with the kids (and yes, I was that mom who printed packets for each kid to complete, planned experiments, and read to and with them every day because I used to be a teacher and can’t help it)

*July: took our first family vacation and the kids did such a great job and lived their best lives as they played on the beach, ate out for multiple meals, got to share a room, and were able to pick out a stuffed animal from two of the tourist spots

*August: the 11-week summer ended and the kids started school - whoo-hoo!

*September: went to the school to have lunch with my oldest two kids and continued this once a month on the second Thursday, started lunch dates with Stephen while the kids are in school (so we don’t have to find a baby-sitter) the third Friday each month, launched As Familiar as Family with the help of an incredibly supportive team, and turned 33

*October: quietly uploaded Reflections from a Former Evangelical

*November: read advanced copies of Are We Free Yet? by Tina Strawn and Jaded by Marla Taviano and was able to experience some closure in a relationship as I wrote a letter (which was one of the activities in Are We Free Yet?)

*December: downloaded Pokémon GO to play with the kids, but I do it by myself and love it (this is who I am now, and I accept it)

Some of these things were big. Others were small, maybe even invisible to people who aren’t in close community with me. I didn’t even mention all the therapy, coffee shop talks with friends, chatting on the phone with new friends for the first time, Patreon webinars, book clubs, birthdays, visits and meet-ups at houses and playgrounds, hammocking, walks, and so much more and less. Regardless, each event and experience shifted me and continues to shape me.

Gratitude and grief have come together to make 2022 another memorable 365 turns around the sun. I’d love to hear some of your 2022 memories!

Planning Ahead

As I plan ahead, I’ve been thinking about the usual resolutions and goals. If you know me, you know I love a goal. But more than the resolutions and goals, I’ve been thinking about intention setting. Setting intentions has been a part of once a month sessions with Kim of The Open Book Company. (Kim was also my writing coach and the main editor for As Familiar as Family!) Rather than setting a goal, which can be helpful, I’m learning how to set intentions, especially in relation to my writing. For example, “I’ll show up to the page and write without judging myself or self-editing.”

If you’re a writer and are interested in setting some intentions for your writing, I wanted to extend an invitation to a *free workshop* Kim is offering. It will be on Wednesday, December 21st at 10:00am EST.

In Kim’s words, “Join us to reflect on your current writing practice and set your intentions for 2023. Engage in our grounding exercise. Spend some time doing some guided writing (with prompts) and carve out some time for your own personal writing practice.

Additionally, learn more about Open Book Community offerings + updates for the new year.

As always, our time together will be low-key with no requirement to share your writing. Simply join for the community + company.

For more details + to register, click here.

​You do not need to be able to stay for the full 2 hours to attend. Join us for the first hour for our grounding and intention-setting and (option to) stay for the writing practice.”

I’d love to bump into you on Wednesday in the virtual space Kim cultivates!


So friends, as we plan ahead and step into 2023, tell me what you’re looking forward to. Let’s connect for a Zoom call in January! Sign up here via my Calendly link to find a time that works for you. If you can’t find a slot that coordinates well with your schedule, please let me know.

Sending so much love,


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