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I am a writer, author, podcaster, and actor. More than all of this, I am a human being learning to "relax toward the things that feel possible" (according to my Co-Star astrology app).

In September 2022, I published my first memoir titled As Familiar as Family, which broke into the Top 100 on Amazon in the category Abusive Family Relationships. It's a super sad category for sure, but it's a big deal for a first time self-published author to get to #99, so I'm celebrating it. 
In October 2022, I then published my first poetry collection titled Reflections from a Former Evangelical, which was the #1 New Release in Religious and Inspirational Poetry on Amazon.

In August 2020, I started the Broadening the Narrative podcast and talk to people who are broadening the narrative I was taught within white evangelicalism. Topics have included white supremacy, disability justice, mental illness, dismantling oppressive systems, LGBTQIA+ rights, the Enneagram, spiritual abuse, and intersectionality. Hosting these sacred conversations has been such a joy.

My newest endeavor involves reconnecting with my first love: the theater. In February 2023, I made my debut in the Rock Hill Theatre production of The Dining Room. I'm so grateful that Director Della Freedman and the RHT staff took a chance on an emerging actor. Being surrounded by such talented, seasoned professionals inspired me to rise to the occasion of embodying the different roles as “Actress #3.” In the future, I hope to be part of many more productions with local theater companies. 

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