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Becoming Egalitarian is available to order from Amazon. Signed copies can be purchased on my website

In honor of the journey my partner Stephen and I have been on individually and together, we wrote a book titled Becoming Egalitarian. In Becoming Egalitarian, we examine our limited (and limiting) beliefs about marriage and gender roles. We begin with why we were drawn to complementarianism and explore how our theology shifted to egalitarianism. To help us bring this book into the world, 40+ people contributed to the Kickstarter campaign!

Becoming Egalitarian is our story, but it's not just our story. There are untold numbers of people who have been impacted by limiting beliefs about marriage and gender roles, beliefs that prop up an unhealthy power dynamic. We have found that by actively dismantling the hierarchy in our relationship, we could become true partners. Becoming Egalitarian isn't an answer book. Rather, this is a vulnerable and authentic exploration of how we have a healthier partnership when operating from a place of mutuality. We want to help guide others into healthy partnerships where all parties are fulfilled apart from codependency and enmeshment.

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