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Are you a former evangelical wondering how much longer this whole deconstruction thing is going to last? Or are you curious to learn more about what a faith deconstruction journey can look like? Do you feel alone and want to connect with writing that reflects your ongoing theological shifts?


More Reflections from a Former Evangelical is an anthology of free verse poetry by Nicki Pappas who is, you guessed it, a former evangelical. Originally written in 2020, More Reflections has been edited and is now being released to (hopefully) help others who are navigating deconstruction feel less alone.


As a former evangelical know-it-all, Nicki reflects on who she was, who she is, and who she is becoming. She holds out hope to those who are broadening the narratives they were taught within white evangelicalism. She’s also putting an asterisk on her beliefs *subject to change as I do.

Signed Paperback

  • This book will ship in 10 - 15 days directly from Nicki through USPS.

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