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Join Kim Marsh and Nicki Pappas in their Preparing for Publishing series. Kim is a writing + book coach and the founder of The Open Book Company. Nicki is the author of two books (As Familiar as Family and Reflections from a Former Evangelical) and the host of the Broadening the Narrative podcast.

Session 3 is all about implementing feedback that authors have received for their books pre-publication. In this session, participants will learn about various forms of feedback they can receive for their manuscripts; understand what a beta reader is, the critical role beta readers can play, and how to collect and implement beta reader feedback; differentiate between the different forms of editing; and receive a real-life example of how to navigate implementation of feedback on their books.


The session 3 video replay, notes, and transcript are included in the ZIP file. You can download all of these items after completing your purchase by extracting them from the folder. If you have any questions about your purchase, fill out the contact form here.


There is also a money back guarantee that never expires if you complete the session and aren't satisfied with your purchase.

Preparing for Publishing Session 3

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